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Yuvraj & Kanika

A wedding is a special moment when two hearts become one. It’s like the start of a grand adventure filled with surprises. This is the story of Yuvraj and Kanika, a couple whose love story is as sweet as a fairy tale.

They met at a friend’s wedding and soon decided to have their own wedding! When they told their families about their plans, everyone was pleased. Yuvraj and Kanika were perfect matches, and their parents greatly liked them.

Their wedding happened in a beautiful garden decorated with flowers and special things. The photos from their wedding were different from regular pictures. They were taken naturally and relaxedly, capturing all the beautiful moments. It was called candid photography.

Every part of the wedding was captured in pictures, from when they first met to when they said their vows. There were ceremonies and even a special moment when Kanika, the bride, looked like a princess in her fancy dress. Yuvraj, the groom, looked handsome, too, like a prince from a story.
People loved their wedding photos because they told the story of love and happiness. Each picture had something special to say about the wedding. The photographers made sure to catch all the critical moments and make them even more precious.

So, this is the tale of Yuvraj and Kanika’s wedding – a story of love, happiness, and a new beginning captured in candid photography.