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Niranjan & Preeti

Meet Niranjan & Preeti, a lovely couple with a beautiful love story! They first met on a dating site, where they chatted and talked on the phone. What started as casual dating became something special as they grew to like each other more and more.

One day, Niranjan dressed up and took Preeti out to dinner. He was nervous but determined and finally asked Preeti to be his partner. Preeti giggled at his nervousness and happily said she felt the same way.

After being together for two years, they decided to share their love with their families. They had a big wedding with fancy clothes, decorations, and yummy food. They mixed traditional customs with modern fun, and it was a blast! And what made it even more amazing? Candid wedding photography!

Niranjan looked dashing in his special outfit, but everyone’s attention shifted when Preeti walked in wearing a stunning red and golden dress. The wedding photographer captured every moment, from Preeti getting ready to her emotional goodbye.

Their love story is now forever saved in these candid photos – a reminder of the beautiful journey they’ve started together.