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Prateek & Sakshi

Ever been to a Christmas bash where you met someone super special? Well, that’s what happened to Prateek. He met Sakshi at a jolly Christmas party thrown by his friend. They had a blast, got to know each other, and became pals. After two years of being buddies, Sakshi met Prateek’s family, and guess what? She thought about having an arranged marriage with him!

Prateek and Sakshi had so much in common. They loved watching dramas and having fun at parties every weekend. Their wedding was a themed one, and it was Sakshi’s mom who planned it all. She’s an expert at making weddings magical! The plans were set in motion just a month later. There were many shopping sprees and family gatherings to prep for the big day.

And when the wedding day finally arrived, Sakshi looked like a dream in her brocade and velvet outfit. Prateek was no less, rocking a dapper designer suit. Sakshi’s mom had a fantastic idea – candid wedding photography! The photos turned out so genuine like the wedding was happening right now. The decorations and the Jaimala ceremony looked terrific in the pictures. Every event was captured in a storytelling way as if the photographer was spinning a tale with the camera.

Through these stunning wedding photos, prepare to dive into Prateek and Sakshi’s candid love story. Enjoy the magic of their special day!