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Aditya & Priyana

Aditya and Priyanka, a couple whose love story led to a beautiful wedding! They didn’t meet like in the movies. Their families introduced them, and they liked each other a lot. So, they decided to get married. Priyanka was the youngest in her family, so they wanted the wedding to be special.

Before the big wedding day, they had some special ceremonies. They had Haldi, where they put a yellow paste on them, and Mehendi, where Priyanka’s hands were painted with pretty designs. These moments were all captured in photos. The wedding day was super special, too.

The wedding happened in their big family farmhouse. People who are great at arranging events helped make everything perfect. Candid wedding photography were taken, which means they captured real moments, not just posed ones. They took photos of Priyanka making funny faces when her hands were painted and kids playing while others worked.

Then, Aditya came with his family, dancing all the way, and the main wedding started. Priyanka looked like a princess, and Aditya was handsome. The photos showed how happy they were. They also took pictures of the yummy food and Priyanka leaving her home to start a new adventure with Aditya.

It was a day full of love, laughter, and new beginnings. Aditya and Priyanka’s candid wedding photos tell a sweet story they will cherish forever.