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Ketan & Kanupriya

Love finds its path, and for Ketan and Kanupriya, that path led them to a beautiful wedding journey. Their story began at a friend’s wedding, and little did they know they were writing their fairy tale.

Ketan and Kanupriya embarked on their wedding adventure with family blessings and hearts aligned. Their union celebrated compatibility and affection, embraced by excited family members.

Underneath the canopy of a fragrant flower-adorned lawn, their wedding unfolded like a dream. Candid moments were woven into frames by skilled wedding photographers, capturing the essence of every emotion. From the joyful meet-up to heartfelt rituals and teary-eyed bidai, each snapshot painted a vivid memory.

Kanupriya, a vision in her designer attire, and Ketan, every bit the dashing groom, radiated happiness. The lens captured not just images but the essence of their love story. Every click etched their special moments into eternity.