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Ashutosh & Sima

Ashutosh and Sima are a couple whose love story blossomed in the most unexpected way, leading to a beautiful wedding. Their journey began during a trip to Europe. Ashutosh was there for work while Sima was on a fun vacation with her friends. Interestingly, they were staying at the same hotel, and both hailed from the bustling city of Delhi. Sharing many common interests, they started spending time together. Gradually, they realized their fondness for each other and decided to take their love story back home.

Back in Delhi, something magical happened. Ashutosh’s mother instantly took a liking to Sima when they met at the airport. Ashutosh’s mother discussed wedding plans during the ride home and invited Sima for a warm dinner. A “thanks” ceremony was held in just a week, marking the start of their wedding preparations. The wedding day was a grand affair, attended by their entire family and a circle of friends. Sima looked stunning in her elaborate attire, while Ashutosh appeared dashing in a designer suit.

The wedding ceremony was a beautiful event filled with joy and emotions. As Sima bid farewell to her family, there were tears and excitement for the new journey ahead. The candid wedding photography flawlessly captured all these special moments, preserving the memories for a lifetime. From Sima’s mehndi ceremony to other heartfelt moments, the photographs told the story of their love in the most vivid way.

Ashutosh and Sima’s love story shows how unexpected meetings can lead to beautiful beginnings. Their candid wedding photography captured their love and the essence of their journey toward becoming partners for life.