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Ruchir & Heena

In the world of arranged marriages, a special tale unfolded. Ruchir and Heena began a journey together, knowing little about each other. Introduced at a cousin’s wedding, they decided to tie the knot with the blessings of their families. With excitement in their hearts, Ruchir and Heena embarked on the path to their big day.

Amidst vibrant decorations and many guests, their Indian wedding came to life. It was a celebration filled with delicious foods and traditions. And there was something magical – the wedding photography! Pictures of the beautiful mandap, the blushing bride, and the meaningful rituals were captured. These photos held memories that would stay fresh for years to come.

Not just posed pictures, but candid shots, too! The couple’s parents wanted these genuine moments saved forever. Imagine seeing Ruchir and Heena sharing secrets at the mandap, the lively baraat dance, and relatives immersed in the rituals. And then, the emotional moment of Heena’s Bidai, captured in her teary eyes. It was a grand, unforgettable wedding – Rajesh Arya Photography.