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Chintan & Rekha

Meet Chintan & Rekha, the stars of a heartwarming love tale captured through the lens of candid photography. It all began when Rekha moved to Mumbai for work. Amidst the hustle of settling in, Chintan stepped in to lend a hand, kickstarting a series of chance encounters that blossomed into something beautiful.

From simple hellos in the hallway to shared Sundays at the church, their connection deepened. Slowly, a spark ignited, leading them to outings at movie theaters, coffee dates, and more. As time danced on, their fondness for each other grew stronger.

Then, on a magical Christmas Eve, surrounded by their families, Chintan expressed his love for Rekha, sealing their fate. With blessings from all, preparations for their wedding kicked into high gear – from church arrangements to guest lists, attire, and delectable feasts. But what truly set their wedding apart was the desire for wedding photography that whispered stories.