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Rohan & Sonam

Once upon a time, in a place called Kolkata, there lived a boy named Rohan and a girl named Sonam. They were not just friends; their story was like the warmest soup for the heart. When they were little, they met at a birthday party and became fast friends while searching for hidden treasures in a bag. Every day, they walked to school hand in hand.

As they grew up, Rohan became an intelligent doctor, and Sonam became a kind teacher. Their families were also good friends. One memorable day, Sonam’s mom suggested they consider getting married. And guess what? At a dinner party, Rohan surprised Sonam by asking her to be his wife with a shiny ring! She said yes, and everyone decided it was time for a wedding.

They had different celebrations before the big day – a fancy engagement, a fun sangeet, and the main wedding event. They hired someone who took candid pictures to capture all these precious moments. These photos show real feelings and natural smiles, like magic in a picture. The wedding was full of pretty decorations and surprises. They made an album with all the photos, a unique book to remember this happy time.

And so, Rohan and Sonam’s love story turned into a beautiful wedding photography, showing their journey from friends to forever partners. Everyone loved their album, and they lived happily ever after.