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Vikas & Kanika

Vikas and Kanika’s story shines brightly in the land of arranged marriages, where two people start a journey together without knowing everything about each other. Their adventure began when they met at a cousin’s wedding, introduced by their families. Both families agreed that they were a perfect match, so Vikas and Kanika decided to embark on the path of marriage.

As preparations buzzed and the big day arrived, their wedding unfolded like a grand Indian dream. Decorations dazzled, guests gathered, and delicious foods awaited. Amidst all the festivities, there was a special kind of magic – the magic of candid photography. These photos are like time machines, capturing the mandap’s grace, the bride’s radiance, and the rituals’ significance. These frozen moments keep memories alive, even as years go by.

Vikas and Kanika’s parents also wished to treasure candid moments, resulting in a heartwarming album. Every emotion was caught on camera, from stolen whispers at the mandap to the joyous dance of the baraat, from aunties bustling with ritual preparations to Kanika’s teary-eyed farewell. Their big, beautiful wedding became an album of cherished memories, showcasing a love story worth celebrating forever.