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Daisy & Sean

In a twist of fate, Daisy and Sean’s journey began at a cabin crew interview. From the start, Daisy was captivated by Sean’s charm, though he didn’t think their paths would cross again. After weeks of interviews, they went their separate ways. But destiny had other plans.

As training commenced, Daisy found Sean right before her, his smile lighting up the room. Friendship blossomed into love, leading them to this beautiful moment. When their wedding was announced, Sean insisted on candid wedding photography. The result? Pure magic.

With heartfelt investments in venue, decor, and preparations, the couple knew they needed perfect wedding photos. Every detail was captured flawlessly, from the bride’s final makeup touches to the intricate Mehendi designs on her hands. Every smile exchanged between parents during rituals, every tear shed by Sean during the Bidai – all immortalized in these photographs, weaving a tapestry of cherished memories.