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Bhawna & Sandeep

Bhawna & Sandeep’s Candid Love Story. It all began in a quiet village in Kolkata, where Sandeep was working on a research project. He was part of a team led by a leader and his assistant, Bhawna. With a friendly spirit, Bhawna connected well with the team, especially Sandeep. Even after their work in the village, the meetings and gatherings continued in the city.

As time passed, a special bond grew between Bhawna and Sandeep. Their friendship blossomed into something more profound, and they were drawn to each other. Eventually, the day arrived when they decided to start a new chapter of their lives together.

Their wedding was a lovely and intimate affair held at a famous hotel in Kolkata. The venue was adorned with vibrant flowers from Singapore, creating a beautiful backdrop. The wedding rituals were captured candidly, from the joyful exchange of garlands to the heartfelt moments at the decorated wedding altar.

The celebration was filled with joy and dancing, with Bhawna’s relatives adding their unique touch to the festivities. The candid wedding photography perfectly captured all the smiles, laughter, and love shared during the event. Every part of their journey was beautifully documented, from the colorful Mehendi to the lively Sangeet and the heartfelt moments of Sindur Daan and Bidai.

What started as a professional connection between Bhawna and Sandeep became a beautiful love story. Join us in reliving these cherished moments as we explore their candid photography, a testament to their wonderful journey of love and togetherness.