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Abhishek & Khushboo

Abhishek and Khushboo, a couple whose love story is as enchanting as a fairy tale. They believed in arranged marriages, letting their parents choose their life partners. But little did they know destiny had a surprise waiting for them.

Khushboo nervously awaits to meet her chosen partner. And there he was, Abhishek, with a heart full of kindness and words filled with respect. Even though they were strangers, something special sparked between them.

Time flew, and within a month, they were all set to start a new chapter together. With the wedding buzz in the air, candid photography was there to capture every single moment. From the vibrant Haldi and Mehendi ceremonies to the heartfelt emotions on everyone’s faces, every slice of their journey was beautifully preserved.

Dressed in a stunning Green Lehenga, Khushboo looked like a dream. As the ceremonies unfolded, she transformed into Abhishek’s beloved wife. Their wedding was a celebration of love, and the candid wedding photography made sure no memory was lost.