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Sanjay & Pooja

Meet Sanjay and Pooja, a wonderful couple whose love story is as sweet as candy! They believed in arranged marriages, where parents help choose partners. They were excited about their dream partners even though they didn’t know each other.

Imagine Pooja’s surprise when she met the person her parents picked for her. It was Sanjay! Even though they were strangers, Pooja liked Sanjay’s kindness and politeness. And Sanjay was impressed by Pooja’s beauty and independence.

Their wedding was just a month away! The preparations were in full swing, with lots of excitement and happiness. They had a special photographer who naturally captured every moment.

Pooja looked stunning in her traditional outfit. Everyone’s eyes were on her! The wedding started, and Pooja and Sanjay became a married couple. The photography team did a great job capturing all the special moments – the colorful Mehendi, the delicious food, the beautiful decorations, and the happy faces.

And so, Sanjay and Pooja’s love story continues, filled with joy and beautiful memories captured by candid photography.