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Khushboo & Armaan

A heartwarming love story of Khushboo and Armaan, who had a memorable wedding captured through candid photography. Their journey began with a traditional arranged marriage, where two families met and found a connection. Excitement filled the air as the preparations for their big day started.

Khushboo, the youngest daughter of the Ahmed family, brought a touch of grandeur to every step of the way. The pre-wedding rituals like Haldi and Mehendi were filled with joy, and these precious moments were beautifully preserved in wedding photos. The wedding day itself was nothing short of magical.

Set against the backdrop of a charming farmhouse, an event management team was on hand to ensure everything was perfect. Candid wedding photography caught the tiniest details, like Armaan’s adorable expression during the Mehendi or playful kids enjoying the festivities.

The big moment arrived as Khushboo, accompanied by her family and the baraat, embarked on the Nikah ceremony. The photographs capture the bride’s radiant beauty and the groom’s irresistible charm. Every aspect was documented, from the buffet’s delectable dishes to the emotional farewell as Khushboo left her childhood home.

Witness the love, laughter, and unforgettable memories of Khushboo and Armaan’s wedding day, all preserved through candid photography.