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Vaibhav & Radhika

Vaibhav and Radhika are a couple whose love story started in school. They’ve been through ups and downs and are celebrating their special wedding day. After almost ten years of being together, they began dreaming about this big day.

Their journey of love was incredible, full of happy moments. To make their wedding unforgettable, they chose candid wedding photography. This photography captures natural smiles, essential ceremonies, getting-ready moments, and even the groom’s friends having a blast. Looking at these photos years later will bring back all these beautiful memories. They even had a pre-wedding photoshoot to catch moments before becoming Mr. and Mrs.

Vaibhav was Punjabi, and Radhika was Bengali, so their wedding was a mix of two cultures. They were a bit worried about how everything would blend, but to their joy, everything went smoothly and was a lot of fun.

When they saw their wedding photos, they were overjoyed. The pictures showed their parents enjoying themselves and getting along during various events. It was heartwarming to see that their different cultures didn’t matter.