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Jatin & Sucheta

Meet Jatin and Sucheta, a couple whose journey from schooltime sweethearts to this cherished day has been filled with ups and downs, much like hills and valleys. After nearly a decade of togetherness, they set their sights on their dream wedding.

Their love story was a gem, and they wanted their wedding to be as memorable. Choosing candid photography, we captured every smile, ritual, preparation, and friend’s moment. These snapshots will keep the memories alive for years. A pre-wedding shoot also froze some pre-marriage magic.

This was more than Jatin and Sucheta’s union; it merged Punjabi and Bengali cultures. Nervous about the blend, they were pleasantly surprised by the seamless fusion, brimming with joy.

Seeing their wedding photos, their happiness multiplied. Parents from different worlds mingled, and cultural differences vanished. Join us in celebrating Jatin and Sucheta’s love, frozen in time through the lens of candid photography.”