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Being a wedding photographer, I understand how significant your special day is for you and everyone present. Our photographers pay attention to these meaningful moments filled with emotions because we know their importance. We capture these moments beautifully on camera so that we can reflect the same love and emotion back to you!

It’s crucial to find a photographer who captures the entire journey of your wedding day, not just the big moments. The best photographers are the ones who comprehend what makes you and your loved ones feel close on this exceptional day. They understand that these moments hold a lot of meaning in your life and might go unnoticed as memories fade over time. That’s why we put in the effort to document everything, starting from the moment you meet as newlyweds after exchanging vows, all the way to the dinner celebrations.

Rajesh Arya Photography has been involved in wedding-related businesses since 2010, initially focusing on photography. As our team of skilled photographers and editors expanded, we realized that it’s not only about capturing moments but also about creating an atmosphere where people can be themselves. Our clients have repeatedly confirmed this by allowing us to take candid pictures without always being aware of what’s happening behind the camera.