There are many things small and big which are there to decide at the marriage functions. Times have changed and so are the responsibilities in a marriage. In this digital era, everything is going digital from doing shopping to the wedding invitations everything can be efficiently done digitally. This has given a big relaxation to the families. You can infact book the vendors online too. So you’re wedding photography sent digital or given in personal should reflect you, it should be as exiting and vibrant as you are for your wedding. So the trend which is prevailing is of the digital cards.

Although nothing surpasses the delight of accepting a freshly printed wedding card. The wedding card designer are working a lot on innovating new ideas matching the expectations of the people. But also nothing can beat the excitement of getting a surprise in the form of WhatsApp invitation of your bestie’s wedding which you have been waiting for a long time. These lively WhatsApp wedding invitation car or videos asking you to join them on their auspicious occasion is one of the best parts of the wedding. These memories should be preserved for a lifetime, the Wedding Photography should always include the picture of the invitation be it the printed one or the digital card. To make the Best photography the pictures should be taken in such a way that it should look like Candid photography, for instance, the picture of the bride’s father holding the invitation in his hand and that smile on his face and tears of joy in his eyes should be captured.

Let’s look into some Uncommon Designs for Creating WhatsApp Wedding Invitations

1. Text Invites:

When in doubt go to the traditional and easy way Text them your invite. But spare some time in framing the message as it should be something interesting, take the help of the internet for new, interesting ways to invite people for your wedding. In a world full of the trend, you can be just ok with any text right? Your message should be as unique as you are. You have to come up with something impressive.

2. Scanned Copies Of Your printed Invites:

After you have decided that perfect card with your wedding card designer all you have to do is to send that the masterpiece that is your marriage invitation card to all your family friends and acquaintances. This is a very cost-effective and new way of inviting people to your wedding. You can share these cards over Whatsapp, Email or even Facebook. Digital media have made everything so simpler.

3. E-cards:

Another major trend leading the wedding invitation industry are the digital cards, e-cards which can be easily shared with your friends and family. You can prepare it according to your style and taste flashy , simple, trendy, stylish anything you desire it to be like. Also, you can decide which event details you want to share, tailor it according to your will, add pictures colors anything of your choice.