candid photography

Gifts are the auspicious part of the wedding occasions. It makes the occasion more special and remember able for the people who be a part of this special occasion. These sweet little gifts are marked as a sign of good gesture and love for those who take out their precious time to attend your auspicious occasion and to bestow their blessings on the couple. There are many kind of gifts to decide upon in the wedding like gifts for guests attending the wedding, gifts for beautiful bridesmaids, or personalized wedding gifts for the near and dear ones and also u need to put a lot of efforts in thinking about the gifts which you have to give with the wedding invites. All these gifts should be placed together and a perfect shot should be taken to be recorded in the memory of your wedding photography.

So let’s look into few common ideas for unique gifting to your loved ones who visit your special day as a token of love, these are divided into the following types:

Before discussing these options, you have to give consideration to the cost factor, you can even indulge yourself into it and give some creative ideas but yes these little efforts and spending can surely bring a smile on your guests face. So go on and get some goodies for your loved ones and never forget to do the candid photography while you are gifting it to your loved ones to capture the moment of happiness of your loved ones. Every piece of happiness is worth capturing in your wedding photography album.

So sweets are the best thing which should be gifted to the guests at the time of wedding. Some of whose ideas are follows: 

1. The packing matters a lot as its a wedding everything should all be as flashy and pompous as your clothes. It should all look in the festivity of the occasion. The taste should be the first priority but the packaging these days are out breaking every record. The market is flooded with the creative ideas.

2. If you are bored of those old  you can definitely go for attractive cupcake boxes for your guests. Your guests will have awed with these cute looking cupcakes which are these days on the top of the list for giving away with the wedding invites.

3. Another thing which has become a trend this season is the flavored sugar, tea and coffee this is a very creative thing to gift somebody. It should be packed attractively to attract every eye that falls on it. All these gifts are captured by the photographer and forms a major part of Indian wedding photography.

4. Another sweet and cute thing you can do as a gesture is to gift these cute looking colourful macaroons at your wedding. As its a new thing in the town a lot many people have been receiving it for the very first time so it is something out of the box and unique you can do in your wedding.